Food Scientist and Nutritionist;
Colombian Chef and Expert in Recipe Development.
Guest Speaker for Dr. Clyde Wilson at Stanford University.
In love with delicious food.
Author of six cookbooks Europe, USA and Latin America
+40 years of experience

About Patricia McCausland-Gallo

I'm a Nutritionist, Pastry Chef and Latina! Chef,
Speaker and Published in the United States, Europe and Latin America. Awarded with two prizes; Gourmand and IPPY. With B.S. in Food and Nutrition, I managed to learn about food and its chemistry. Trained in Pastry since the age of 14; with professional courses at École Lenôtre -France, New York, California and The American Institute of Baking, cooking is my passion.


My training as a professional Chef started in 1979 at École Lenôtre in France. Pachi, as I am called, has published six cookbooks sold in stores and around the world on the web: Secrets of Colombian Cooking (Hippocrene Book, 2004), Extended Edition, May 2012. Passion for Coffee (Editorial) Norma 2006, FRP 2008, Círculo de Leitores 2009, which sold 55,000 books in a Christmas season) IPPY Silver Award 2008 and Gourmand Best Single Subject Food Book in Latin America, 2006.

Co-authored a book on Latin cuisine for Williams Sonoma; Essentials of Latin Cooking was published in 2009 and sold in more than 300 stores throughout the United States and Canada. The Food of Colombia and Venezuela, published in 2010 by Anness Publishing in the United Kingdom has been sold worldwide. Eat & Lose Wieght published in 2011, is a book about healthy foods; a reflection of my family life. I self-published it for Casita de Mausi-Home for Adult Cancer Patients in Panama and Conexión Colombia Foundation in 2011.



Chef Pachi has been a culinary writer for newspapers in Colombia and Panama. Her first interview in a newspaper was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1983. Interviews and presentations include ABC, CBS and CNN en Español in the United States. Educational talks in Colombia, Panama and in Companies such as Starbucks and Universities such as Stanford maintain my work excellence.



I have been an executive pastry chef, manager and entrepreneur; developer of recipes for children with special needs, adults, athletes and people interested in metabolism and weight reduction diets.

¡Pachi was invited to be part of Michelle Obama's chef's Move to Schools movement!

I had gone on early retirement during 2010, at the age of 50, to enjoy life on the island and fishing in Panama, my country by adoption. Resumed work in 2013, when Dr. Clyde Wilson, a professor at Stanford University, invited me to write a book, create an invaluable nutritional resource for Americans to increase their metabolic rate and lose weight for life. I have been a guest speaker for his students at Stanford since 2015 to date.



In 2004, after the death of her father, she and her sisters created and financed a center for nutrition and care for children in Barranquilla, Colombia. It was called Nutrir Barranquilla. Her mother would handle it, until he turned 80. Now it is called Fundación NU3 and continues to be led by a group of wonderful and dedicated women. Chef Pachi donated 5,000 copies of Secrets of the Colombian Cooking as seed money or capital for the first year of Nutrir. She donated cooking classes and attended the institution for special events with the children. Fundación Nu3 now feeds more than 13,000 children each day.


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