First, let's understand our metabolism!


Dr. Clyde says…


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All the food we eat becomes glucose. Our body uses glucose either as energy or converts it into fat. The energy from food is used for every action we make; from breathing to thinking, digesting, growing and more. For everything that contains cells—the brain, organs, muscles, bones, need energy to be alive. everything that is not used as energy to feed body, is converted into fat. this process occurs when cells open to be nurtured or close create energy.

Dr. clyde’s meal theory has a goal: to keep our cells open whilst we digest our food, giving our body’s cells energy until fully nurtured. Thus, we use up the food we eat. When cells are closed everything left in our digestive system becomes fat.

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What makes our cells stay open until nourished?

1. The amount of sugars we ingest (especially from processed carbs, grains, roots and tubers).
2. The excess of protein and the excess of fat. The key is managing our blood sugar levels. Some foods slow down the process of increasing blood sugar, and if we eat them (Dr. clydes circle) the glucose will slowly enter our bloodstream, and the cells will stay open to absorb all our food. Therefore, less fat will be stored and we will lose weight or not gain.

when/why do the cells close:

1.  Excess protein

2.  Excess fat

3.  Excess glucose

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The key is to maintain a low level of blood glucose, by eating foods that are slow in increasing blood sugar, (processed grains and tubers, sweets and foods are the culprits of high blood sugar levels) a meal with a mix of vegetables, proteins, fruit, legumes and healthy fats will keep your blood sugar levels down.

Tip / Advise: If we are going to indulge in processed food and processed starchy foods we must slow the process whereas these foods increase blood sugar levels.

How do we do this?

1.  Eating cruciferous vegetables before the carbs

2.  Being very active, exercizing during the day

3.  Never eating starchy foods and sweets on an empty stomach

When do cells reopen? when they’re empty.
When are they empty? three hours after having liquid protein or six hours after solid protein.

What happens if i do not have any protein when the cells are open?

The body will use the muscle (tissue) and not the (body) fat to feed itself. for the body to lose fat you will have to excersise, that is, use muscle energy.

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    Now, let's know how much I should eat!



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