Ingredients for 4 servings:

2 Plantains





  1. 2 Plantains

  2. Foils


  1. Plantains is one of our staples in columbia. It is something that we eat in our house almost everyday.

  2. Cooking a plantain is really simple. All you have to do is wrap it in a foil and put inside your oven for a couple minutes.

  3. Wrapping it with a foil is important because sometimes when it’s really sweet, they’ll boil out and a lot of the caramelized sugar is going to stick.

    plantains step1
  4. We are going to let it bake in their own skin so there is really no need for peeling.

  5. You’ll know it’s ready when they start to pop open. They are going to be golden and really sweet in the inside as they bake.

  6. It is important that when you chose a plantain to pick the ones that are completely black.

  7. When serving the baked plantain, you’ll want to loosen them from their skin but still have it inside.

    plantains step2
  8. Separating the plantain from its skin is easy to do especially when it’s hot. You can take it out completely and then put it back.


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