1. Always sprinkle instant coffee after the bread dough has risen.


2. Use coffee syrups in the dough or batter for a subtle taste throughout the food.


3. To bake with coffee, and for intense coffee taste, add freeze dried coffee in the cookie batter. After you bake with coffee, take the cookie and cover half of it with coffee frosting.


4. With cakes that use another food as favoring too like bananas or apples, bake with coffeethat ispart syrup and part powdered coffee.


5. Pie or tart crusts work best with any of the dried coffees; powderedorgranular.


6. Concentrated coffee can be used in any of the recipes that call for liquidversions of coffee: espresso, ristres or syrup, etc.


7. Beef, tuna, pork, shrimp and dark poultry can be seasoned with instantcoffee or with fresh ground coffee beans.


8. Fruit sauces can be prepared with all the varieties of coffee.
9. Vinaigrettes work best with freeze dried coffee.

10. Quiche, souffl and other baked egg products like the coffee syrups best.


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